Mastergames Mega Power II

The producers name is not printet on the console, and a "Made in .." logo is also missing, and this is not without reason because the Mastergames Megapower II is an excact replica of the Sega Megadrive II is regards to the design.

The built in games are all taken from the Nintendo Entertainment System, and the control units are joypads and a light gun.
The starting pictureframe is "700 in 1" and you can now choose between 700 different games. It is however only 7 games, each appearing in about 100 version, with supposedly varying degrees of difficulty. The variations are very hard to see because the actual difficulty level in NES is chosen after you choose the actual game.
At the starting frame the Nintendo licens text and the producers name is removed.

The 7 games are as follows :
Soccer, Road Fighter, Duck Hunt, Wild Gunman, Hogan Alley, Popeye and Galaxian.
The printing on the box is in Italian and there are no images from the builtin games. If the console is opened the actual print is somewhat messy.

A true pirate.