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"TV-spil" is the danish word for videogames and this site is made up of a danish version of the history of videogames as well as containing info in regards to the different consoles.

Not many people in Denmark collect videogames and sometimes I get some interesting stuff that I want to share with other collectors. I have therefore chosen to include an english section, which is primarilly suited for non-danish collectors.

Try this little PingPong applet made by Karsten Mandrup Nielsen.

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Odyssey 2001 for Trade.
Rare Philips Odyssey 2001 Pong in very good conditions.


Watch old Atari commercials. are streaming 50 commercials from the early 80'ties.

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A true pirate

The producers name is not printet on the console, and a "Made in .." logo is also missing, and this is not without reason because the Mastergames Megapower II is an excact replica of the Sega Megadrive II is regards to the design. The built in games are all taken from the Nintendo Entertainment System, and the control units are joypads and a light gun.


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